About Us

Sundown Products was established in September 2000, after the invention of my first product...The Running Stitch Organizer TM.

It is said that "necessity is the mother of invention". Being a mother of twins I was in need of a product that would better organize all of the necessary "stuff" needed when I wanted to work on a cross-stitch project outside the house.

The Running Stitch Organizer TM was later licensed by Prym-Consumer-USA. Over the years, I have continued to design products out of need. Along with the Running Stitch Organizer TM, I have additional products licensed through Prym-Consumer-USA as well as my own product line, .

Keeping it simple is another requirement I expect out of my products. I strongly believe that when you keep things simple, you save time and energy. So not only are my products designed out of necessity, but simplicity as well.

I hope you too, find my products to be as helpful and useful as I do.

- Cathy

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Sundown Products
Cape Coral, FL
(239)671-4373 or (239)574-4219